Most of the parents think that the nursery will only teach about basic subjects like literacy, math and arts. But this is not true as nursery’s curriculum also include other important subjects like science, social studies as well as reasoning sessions. These subjects are also very important to make the children enough capable so that they could recognize different things around them.

This type of curriculum is followed by almost all the nurseries Dubai to make sure that they are delivering best education to the kids. The only thing which has to be assured is that the nursery is near to your location so that your kid would not have to face any inconvenience. Like if you are living in Arabian Ranches then you can easily find the suitable nursery near Arabian ranches Dubai to provide the most convenient learning experience to your kid. Following are some of the extra subjects which are being taught in a nursery apart from math, language and arts.


Science is one of the most interesting subjects in which the kids learn about their environment and nature. In this subject the teacher tells about different animals like what type of food they eat? Where do they live? And what type of sounds they make? All these information help the kids to compare the animals around them. On the other hand this subject also includes various natural phenomenon like plant life to make the kids understand that how things actually happens.

Social studies

In this subject the kids learn different things about their home environment. They learn to recognize different places, houses, trees and much more. Secondly this subject also helps the kids to gain more knowledge regarding various professions like doctor, firefighter and nurse etc. Different books and activities are incorporated in the curriculum so that the kids would catch things quicker by seeing different pics in the books. Like it is quite easier for a kid to recognize a doctor if he wearing a white lab coat or if the firefighter is holding a red fire extinguisher.

Reasoning and general knowledge

This subject plays a very important role in the mental development of a student. The kids learn different interesting facts about their own selves as well as this world. It helps the kids to know about their name, father’s name, the country they live in, the language they speak, the religion they follow and much more. This subject basically helps the children to know about their identity and on the other hand it also creates a sense of reasoning as well.