The process of securing an immigration visa

There are people who want to get the immigration to USA from Dubai so that they can live there and earn in dollars. Some of the rich people who want to go there permanently can apply for the US EB-5 visa from Dubai. In this way they can invest a big amount there and make a difference in the US economy through giving full time jobs there. They need to start their business after getting that EB-5 visa but the main thing to know is that how to get that visa. To know more about it you need to see this:

Investment: First thing you need to know is that you have to arrange a huge amount for getting this visa because you have to start your business there and as a security that you are not going there with fraudulent intention you need to show that you can invest the mentioned amount by the government of US. You do not just have to provide the money but you also have to provide proper money trails from where you get that money in case that you fail to provide that then you will not get that visa and your application will be refused to process further. It is necessary to provide all the evidences of your amount and if you do not have any of the required documents then you need to provide proper explanation about the missing and get the declaration from concerned authorities.

Apply: After knowing about the investment requirement you are then need to apply for that. In this thing you have to clearly state each and every fact without any kind of forgery because it will reduce the chances of selection. The forgery will be easily spotted by the authorities because they cross check every detail of a person and even if the application accepted and after that they find out about any forgery then they will decline the further processing or they even deport you if you already reached there. They have every right to do that so you have to be careful in filling your documents and it is better to get the help form any of the agents which you find near you because they know about these matters and they will guide you properly and you has to pay them for that.