Injured patients should avail the services of a psychiatric clinic in Abu Dhabi. Such a clinic should bear in mind that it needs to have one of the best physiotherapists in Abu Dhabi to make sure an injured patient is given a lot of attention. 

Systematic way of referring patients: Patients get injured for so many reasons and in most cases the injuries are severe otherwise there isn’t the need to visit a physiotherapist. Without a doubt this is an extremely challenging phase for an injured individual. From a logical perspective, the patient would first need to visit a physiotherapist then perhaps he or she would be referred to a psychiatrist. 

Attending physiotherapy sessions: The standard procedure for a physiotherapist is to have a series of test and examinations done on the patient. Once the therapist gets to know the severity of the damage, then he or she can begin to work with the patient. Getting the damaged muscle rehabilitated takes time but it pays off in the end. The aim is to first take minor steps in gaining mobility of the muscle. With the passage of time once the physiotherapist notices significant improvements in the mobility of the muscle then the time comes to work on strengthening the muscle. The physiotherapists would use different techniques for making the muscle stronger and flexible. To better explain it the therapist would move an injured hamstring in various directions, massage the hamstring and make the patient lift specific weights that target the hamstring muscles. 

Contribution of a psychiatrist: When an individual ends up being severely injured, it takes a toll on the mental state of mind. Coming out of this phase of an individual’s life requires great mental strength. It could be that the individual was never mentally strong and is unable to tolerate the process of going through rehab which is why there is a need to have a psychiatrist. A psychiatrist specializes in diagnosing and treating people with mental illness. Certified physiatrists are those who boast the emotional intelligence it takes to understand the mind of an injured individual. The goal is to get them back to their former self, in ways that the individual is capable enough of being independent. If psychiatry sessions do not work out then the individual would be prescribed certain medications to keep oneself sane at least.