Facts about fire extinguishers

The majority of our homes have fire extinguishers but do know something about them except how to use it? If no, then read below!

  1. Old concept: The concept of fire extinguishers is an old concept. Initially, hand pumps were used to pump water to halt the fire then gunpowder-based fire extinguishers were invented by Ambrose Godfrey. His device used fuses and gun-powders to push the water out of the device to extinguish the fire. William Manby invented modern extinguishers. It could hold three gallons of compressed air and dry chemicals in copper made devices that have FM 200 fire suppression system.
  2. Fire extinguishers come in different sizes and shapes. There are small-sized extinguishers that can be fitted in your cars and there are large extinguishers as well which have wheels to move them for one place to another. The smallest extinguishers weighed 1.5 pounds while the largest extinguisher weighed 350 pounds almost. 
  3. Types and branches: There are five to seven different types of fire extinguishers. Dry chemical fire extinguishers are used commonly in houses and offices while the function of foam extinguishers is to extinguish the fire caused by flammable liquid content. Similarly, there are carbon dioxide extinguishers that use CO2 to extinguish fire whereas halocarbon is used in clean agent extinguishers. 
  4. Kids can use: The majority of the people think that it is too difficult and unsafe for children to use a fire extinguisher but they are manufactured in such a way that your toddlers can use them too. Besides, many organizations teach P.A.S.S which says push the pin, aim at the nozzle, squeeze level and sweep it swiftly to extinguish fore from all sides.
  5. Specific fire extinguishers: You cannot use any kind of fire extinguisher anywhere. Thus, you cannot use water or pressurized water fire extinguishers to extinguish burning when there is sensitive equipment because they would not work yet carbon dioxide and halotron fire extinguishers would halt the fire on time and safe the place.
  6. Water is not the best: Water fire extinguishers are kept in homes usually but they could extinguish fire everywhere. They can extinguish wire when the fire is caused by wood, paper, and other usual combustible items. 

So, these are a few facts about fire extinguishers. Fire extinguishers are the need of today but it does not mean to buy any of the extinguishers. There is a need to read about them and then go to the shop. You can visit sites of hose suppliers in UAE to know about them!