Curbing obesity

In light of rising obesity the government of the United Arab Emirates(UAE) needs to come up with a plan to build various gyms in Abu Dhabi alongwith boxing classes in Abu Dhabi.

The rise of obesity: It should not be surprising when statistics show that obesity is increasing rapidly. The reason for obesity being on the rise amongst the youth is due to a combination of fast food restaurants opening in every nook and corner throughout Abu Dhabi and the youth spending most of their times being with fancy gadgets and devices. It is not only the state’s responsibility rather the onus is on parents to ensure the youth gets to work on their physical fitness.

Benefits of hitting the gym: The earlier a child starts working out in the gym, the better it would be for the child’s life in the longer run. It is not to imply that children should start right away with weightlifting depending on their age rather they should be doing various bodyweight exercises. For that it is imperative that the gym has a team of certified trainers having vast amount of experience in their field. The purpose of children doing bodyweight exercise is that they can improve their muscle strength, endurance and flexibility. Children who have chronic conditions such as asthma can benefit from doing intense cardio sessions in the gym. It is not the question of using a stationary bike or a treadmill, the end result would be improving blood circulation throughout the body which leads to the heart and lungs functioning as per normal standards. Such intense cardio sessions also burn fat and lead to leaner bodies amongst children. Surviving in the market: No gym can outperform fellow gyms within the vicinity unless it opts for diversity. The gym should incorporate boxing classes to keep children straying away from being fit. Also it is normal for children to change their minds regarding different sporting activities. The purpose of introducing boxing classes in the gym is to make sure the members are retained. By taking up boxing classes, children will not only improve their physical fitness but also improve their mental state of mind. For boxing ones needs to be patient and know the art of anticipating the opponent’s movements. Mental toughness is required when the child grows out to be an adult.