ACCA which stands for the Association Of Chartered Certified Accountant is one of the best career option. This educational program is valued through out the world. There are a number of well known institutes for ACCA in Abu Dhabi which claims to give the best future to their students. CMA Dubai is another great option for the students having interest in accounting and financial departments. High salary packages are offered to the people having such qualification. Secondly there are several job opportunities available in this field so after completing the educational program the student can pursue his career as according to his own desire and convenience. Some of the job opportunities are mentioned below:

Financial accountant:

A person qualified with ACCA can pursue his job career as financial accountant. Financial accountant is a person who analyze financial information with the help of balance sheets and cash flow statements. He plays an important role in financial accounting that is basically a procedure of recording, summarizing and analyzing the transactions involved in multiple business operations. On the other hand they are also responsible for preparing financial statements for tax, share holders, investors and creditors etc.

Corporate treasurer:

This is another very good option for an ACCA qualified student. The corporate treasurer possess a huge responsibility of shaping financial policies and strategies focusing on investment opportunities. They also arrange funds for the purpose of expansion and on the other hand manage financial risk as well. In short this type of job consists of five essential elements which are capital markets and funding, cash management, corporate financial management, risk factor management and treasury operations.

Finance manager:

If a qualified ACCA student possess various financing skills then he can definitely go for finance manager. This job career is worth your trust and hardwork. The finance manager is responsible to manage different financial aspects of an organization. Such aspects includes financial analyzing, financial accounting and management accounting as well. A financial manager will prepare business reports, financial statements and financial forecasts. He will focus on all legal protocols in every financial detail of a company. He will find different solutions to reduce the cost and enhance the profit by properly analyzing the financial reports. And most importantly he will evaluate the complete business market to explore more opportunities and thus help an organization in making wise financial decisions.